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(Must possess an undergraduate degree in the field of exercise science, health or nutrition.)
Doctoral degree holders are precluded from consideration for this particular job title, re: EP. 

A Physical Wellness Consultant possesses a knowledge base equivalent to a person with five years’ professional personal training experience. He/She is also required to possess a four-year college/university science related degree (e.g. Exercise Science/Physiology, Kinesiology). NHE Physical Wellness Consultants provide health and fitness services to individuals seeking assistance with exercise program development, nutrition planning, flexibility improvement and cardiovascular training (NHE Affiliate Membership). Fitness services are pre-sold to fitness centers and corporations by NHE Affiliate Account Managers as part of an overall wellness service package. NHE Affiliate Membership packages are sold to fitness facilities, wellness facilities, physical rehab facilities and corporations which have a pre-existing wellness/fitness program and to those entities seeking to implement one. NHE Physical Wellness Consultants provide consultation services only. Physical Wellness Consultants are not authorized to sell or promote any NHE service, fitness or otherwise.

There are no pre-set work hours. Each fitness program must be completed within the forty-eight (48) hour completion timeline. However, the hours in which work production is initiated and subsequently completed are not managed by NHE. An NHE Physical Wellness Consultant can be required to provide fitness consultation services to as many as 50 clients per month, dependent on workload agreement. A complete fitness consultation service can take upwards of four hours to complete, although a typical completion time of two to three hours is expected. 

Consultation services may include:
Fitness assessment
Exercise program prescription
Nutrition counseling
MET (manual self mobilization techniques)

How the physical wellness service is sold:
A physical wellness service is part of an overall affiliate membership fitness/wellness package. An NHE Affiliate Membership is sold to a corporation or fitness/wellness center as a complete fitness service by an NHE Affiliate Account Manager.

Fitness Entity (e.g. fitness club, chiro/wellness center, private service providers)
An NHE Affiliate Account Manager may work with several fitness and wellness centers either locally or regionally. The job of the affiliate account manager is to promote and sell NHE affiliate memberships. NHE maintains several different affiliate membership types and fitness/wellness service configurations. However, all affiliate memberships include some variation of NHE fitness services. 

Affiliate memberships sold to fitness/wellness centers include a membership reacquisition program enhanced with wellness consultation services. Per agreement, a predetermined percentage of the center's membership base is assigned to an NHE affiliate account manager. As part of the membership reacquisition agreement, each member's fitness assessment profile is allocated to an assigned physical wellness consultant. The physical wellness consultant is responsible for developing a comprehensive fitness, nutrition and/or flexibility program based on each member's individual assessment profile. On average, this is a two day process and occurs in bulk (as many as 50 assessments at a time). The physical wellness consultant works directly with each member via email correspondence. All correspondence between the physical wellness consultant and the member is done via email (NHE mail servers). This enables NHE to log and monitor all communications between our fitness service providers and our client's members. The initial responsibility of the physical wellness consultant is to ascertain each member's fitness condition by evaluating the associated fitness assessment form (FMPF or Fitness Management Profile Form). The evaluation process can take upwards of an hour. Exercise program development, nutritional consultation and overall program instruction can take upwards of two hours. Combined, it is estimated that a single overall fitness/wellness consultation may require an approximation of 2-4 hours to complete. Because of the many variables associated to this particular type of work, only service hour approximations can be provided to help illustrate the 40-50 hour per week workload requirement.

Corporate Account 
A fitness service bundle may be sold to an organization as part of an overall wellness package expansion or development program. Services are introduced, sold and managed by an NHE Affiliate Account Manager. The job responsibilities of the physical wellness consultant associated to a corporate account are equal to those abovementioned.

Skill Requirement:
Must produce professional work (e.g. Proficiency in Grammar, Spelling, Type 50+ WPM, etc.)

Professional and Academic Expertise Requirement:
Minimum college degree: Bachelors (e.g. Exercise Science/Physiology; Sports Management; Kinesiology; Nutrition)
Exercise program development and prescription.
Fitness assessment and analysis.
Weight management.
Advanced Nutrition.

Equipment Requirement:
Must have Internet device/connection.

Job Type:
Independent Contractor (1099). Contracts are biennial (2 years). View Sample IC Agreement

Because of the nature in which service providers maintain unrestricted freedom and unguided direction in relation to all wellness programs, there exists an individualized, professional interpretation of each program provided. As a result, this position must be legally defined as 'independent contract' work. The fact that each provider is not required to adhere to any protocols in relation to fitness program design or layout, and that each provider consults independent from any organizational interference, each provider is independent by definition.

Online (WFH- Work From Home). 
Must have access to office devices (e.g. Fax capabilities, High Speed Internet, printer, computer/mobile device)

Benefits (Medical/Dental), Retirement (401K):
There are no medical benefits or retirement packages associated to this job. In response to NHE employee/IC feedback, all compensation packages have been increased by 15% to help cover rising healthcare costs.

Those who possess a WFH position (both full and part-time) are permitted fourteen (14) ‘absent’ days a year. These are days which may be submitted for any purpose and for any reason (e.g. sickness, fatigue, vacation, personal affairs, etc.) It should be noted that these are non-paid days. There are no ‘paid vacation’ days for NHE WFH employees/ICs. The primary purpose for having these days recorded as fact is to eliminate any improper linkage between poor/insufficient work production and a day, or days, spent not actually associated to a particular NHE work commitment. This is an important consideration for all annual work performance evaluations.

Part Time: $35,000- $42,000 per year/Biennial Agreement
Full Time:  $78,000- $90,500 per year/Biennial Agreement

Those perceiving the above referenced compensation rate to be ‘high’ may be under-qualified for this position. Please view the Bureau of Labor Statistics for additional information relating to compensation rates that parallel your professional expertise and academic background. Compensation is not dependent on workload. Compensation is handled one of two ways. Each new hire has the option of direct deposit or paper check, mailed via U.S.P.S. Pay periods are bi-weekly and pay days are the same for all NHE job titles, the fifth and twentieth of each month. Paper checks are mailed from Orange County, California which could delay delivery of up to three (3) business days, dependent on the geographical location of the IC. This is not an 'entry level' job position. 

NHE Physical Wellness Consultant

NHE is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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