An FCA (Fitness Center Affiliate) is a fitness center, that has agreed to assist NHE in marketing and hosting NHE certification programs. Once a fitness center becomes an authorized FCA, it promotes, sells, and hosts all levels of the NHE personal trainer and fitness nutrition certification programs, for profit. The FCA Program is a mutually beneficial partnership, between NHE and the fitness center, that increases revenues for the fitness center and expands the recognition and acceptance of NHE professional credentials.

The FCA Management Team consists of: 
NHE Regional Managers
NHE Sales Representatives
NHE Supervisors

About the District Affiliate Program Manager Job Position
A District Affiliate Program Manager oversees selected FCA, PCA and WCA locations, within a particular district. The primary objective of an Affiliate Program Manager is to lead all authorized NHE affiliate locations to successfully meet or exceed established sales quotas, margins, product development goals and product expansion objectives. This includes reviewing market analyses to determine customer needs, volume potential, price schedules, and discount rates, and work with marketing to develop sales campaigns to accommodate projected sales goals.

The District Affiliate Program Manager will be responsible for direct staffing, interviewing, training, and performance evaluations for all authorized NHE affiliate locations, including providing training to new representatives in the areas of exam protocols, product education, and territory management within a particular district. Additional responsibilities include: appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems; analyzing sales to assist representatives in promoting sales within district; representing the company at trade association meetings to promote product; and working with Regional Managers to ensure open communication and coordination of all NHE certification products, company expansion goals and customer relations improvement.

Job Description
1. Regional Manager and Local Supervisor Support -- Supports operations and administration of all authorized FCA, PCA and WCA locations by providing leadership, problem solving, innovation and interfacing between upper management and staff, and supporting company philosophies, curriculums and education objectives.

2. Program, Product and Service Delivery -- Oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services within a particular district.

4. Human Resource Management -- Effectively assists in the management of human resources of assigned FCA, PCA and WCA locations, according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and EEOC regulations within a particular district.

5. Community and Public Relations -- Assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant FCA, PCA and WCA owners/partners/general managers.


Job Qualifications
Post graduate degree in exercise science/physiology.

Compensation Packages
Compensation packages are predetermined; valued per expertise level.

Levels of Expertise
a) 5-7 years professional experience and post graduate degree (M.S.; M.Ed.; Ph.D.;Ed.D.; M.D.)
b) 7-10 years professional experience and post graduate degree (M.S.; M.Ed.; Ph.D.;Ed.D.; M.D.)
c) 10-15 years professional experience and post graduate degree (M.S.; M.Ed.; Ph.D.;Ed.D.; M.D.)
d) 15 + years professional experience and post graduate degree (M.S.; M.Ed.; Ph.D.;Ed.D.; M.D.)

Compensation packages, for this particular position, are not based on sales quotas. There are no commissions, sales percentages, tiers or bonuses associated with this particular job title.
NHE District Affiliate Program Manager
(UPDATE:  We have ceased considering candidates and accepting resumes for this position effective May 7, 2013)