NHE Fitness Study Guide Product Guarantee
(This is not a 'money back' guarantee)
NHE Fitness Study Guide Product Guarantee is not available to NHE employees, ICs or affiliates.
The purpose of a study guide is to assist its user in preparing for a written or practical exam. If you purchase an NHE Study Guide for this purpose, we expect you to pass an NHE exam. If you are unable to do so, the study guide did not serve its purpose. The NHE Study Guide Product Guarantee grants an additional exam attempt at no additional cost, in the event an unsatisfactory exam score was received. For those participating in the NHE recruitment process, exam retakes are no longer considered. All NHE job positions require a substantial level of professional expertise and the MTC exam assures each new hire possesses that expertise.

There are no waiting periods for exam re-takes. All study guide re-take exams are guaranteed to be identical to the original. All administered exams specifically correlate to the associated study guide with no exception.

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