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NHE is one of a handful of fitness companies with a 97% or greater cloud managed infrastructure, more commonly referred to as a 'virtual' company (ForbesCNBC). Because we are exclusively online, it is important that we consider the many different forms of online media platforms, predominately social media. NHE maintains several online media management protocols to help us monitor the vastness of the Internet, in particular, each global differentiation including language dialects and regional regulatory concerns. Additionally, we periodically consult with various SEO organizations in relation to Internet behaviorism, as their expertise in optimization grants them unique insight. Those particular consultations enable us to better comprehend social media trends and the evolving ways in which our customers are engaging online and utilizing various portals to express their thoughts and experiences. Feel free to browse through some of the content offered here or absorb the entirety of it periodically, over time. If your goal is to learn as much as you can about NHE and how we manage a global, cloud based fitness organization, then the contents of this page are a good start. 

Since our inception, our global aspirations have included the desire to comprehend how the world perceives and embraces health and fitness. With strategically launched social media platform campaigns, we are able to interact with different parts of the world in different ways simultaneously. Unlike most organizations that maintain one Facebook page, one Twitter account and so on, NHE maintains dozens. We have found value in both strategic social platform diversity, as well as, diversity within individual platform content distribution. Additionally, we can better gauge how different regions interact with similar information via our own internal assessment strategies rather than those offered by each individual social media company. NHE has a combined 100,000 plus, social media follower base. Split up into 9 Facebook pages, 15 Twitter pages and dozens of other social media platforms in 12 different countries, we are well positioned to develop a better comprehension of global wellness trends and interests; e.g. Twitter #07,  Twitter #21 

​Our organization is one of a few authorized by Facebook to utilize its initialism as its sole Facebook page name. Unlike many for profit organizations, we do not utilize our social media pages to self-promote, market or sell products and services. We believe the original concepts of social media centered around the general idea of societal enrichment, not personal enrichment or to boost company profits. Most social media pages are all about selling and promoting. Whereas, we believe these platforms can better serve visitors by constantly reminding each to eat well, live well and to remain conscious of proper wellness for themselves and their loved ones.

One major component to all businesses, particularly virtual businesses, is its online presence. Unlike with a brick and mortar operation, customers cannot go down to the office of a virtual company for a simple meet and greet. Most of what customers learn about a virtual business comes from what they can find online. The problem with that solution, as everyone knows, is you can't always believe what you read online. Rest assured, the existence of this page isn’t an effort to convince anyone to believe one adjective over another. The goal is not to persuade, influence or curtail the thoughts of others as they may or may not relate to NHE's business practices, employees or overall mission statement. Such an effort would be a task of improbability given the fact that people of varying susceptibilities to influential exposure, possessing different levels of cognitive aptitudes, will interpret differently a complex disquisition as this page will prove to be. Its intent in and of itself will surely be construed a multitude of different ways. 

In fact, the purpose of this page is an attempt to provide insight, perspective and perhaps some clarity into NHE’s official position relating to our mission statement, the types of people who work here and the concept behind our core business model. With that, an individual may determine for him/herself the truthfulness and likely probability of statements made here and 'things said online'.  This is particularly applicable to some of the glorified statements intended to be 'positive' or 'negative' (e.g. There is a post online that suggests NHE is a widely used program among various junior colleges, when in fact NHE presently maintains zero collegiate affiliations. Another post suggests NHE isn't 'real' based on someone's inability to pass an NHE exam.) Posts such as these make it near impossible to get a grip on what is true and what is not.

It is important to remember the different concepts of truth. A fact based truth (something that can be substantiated) is the type of truth offered on this page. Then of course, there is the baseless certitude of an individual. Something he/she believes to be true, despite the existence of circumstance or rationale. We cannot address the baseless certitudes of an individual, because the sheer insubstantiality of most certitudes cannot be intelligently supported or opposed. As with all topics discussed online, there are both favorable and unfavorable opinionated untruths.
The large majority of complaints we receive are not product or service related. Most complaints are related to exam performance. The majority of exam performance complaints revolve around a belief that exam answers copy and pasted from an NHE study guide, Wikipedia or other online reference source are, and should be considered, valid responses. Therefore, not detriment to the overall exam score. As Chief Operating Officer, I admittedly do not mind these types of complaints. Providing our exam department continues to uphold their responsibility to scrutinize all exam answers for validity, complaints such as these will always be a by-product of the NHE exam processing protocol.

NHE will always address genuinely composed complaints regarding NHE products and services. However, NHE cannot address the ongoing exam cheating and plagiarism epidemic (other than furnishing guilty parties with a zero exam score). No fitness organization is more unpopular among its exam takers than NHE, when it comes to nullifying entire exams based on plagiarism, answer sharing and copy and past practices. 

"The unfathomability of certain exam practices to some, are perceived to be right as rain to others."

Each year, there are a few dozen examinees who truly believe that a correct exam answer should be marked as a correct exam answer, regardless of whether or not it was copy and pasted, collaborated concurrently with another examinee or partially plagiarized. We whole heartedly disagree with this notion. At NHE, we believe an exam is administered for the sole purpose of proving one's comprehension of the exam topic(s). Researching online during exam administration, plagiarizing a study guide or copying and pasting exam answers serves no one but the culprit. Thus, the birth of the 'NHE scam conspiracy'

Many examinees truly believe they deserve to pass under any/all circumstances, providing the number of correct answers was sufficient in satisfying the minimum score requirement. When they did not pass, many were perturbed and felt they were somehow scammed. Assessment is based on numerous one-on-one phone conversations and email exchanges with those expressing the aforementioned sentiments. Some admitting culpability, while others maintain a position of innocence despite our ability to show them precisely where online their answer can be found. Time and time again, we are able to pinpoint precisely on which Wikipedia page, paragraph and sentence their answer is found to be copied verbatim. Some folks, demonstrating less plagiarism talent than others, are kind enough to make this task easier by forgetting to exclude the webpage URL link from their exam answer.

Much like most human behavior, the act of online 'vengeance by review' by zero MTC score recipients is predictable. It is as predictable as an enthusiasm laddened voice message or email from someone who has just learned he/she passed. HR has received its fair share of texts and emails from disappointed zero exam score recipients, threatening to 'warn others' if their zero score retraction demands are not met. And too, much like most threats, some individuals are simply venting their frustrations. Others, however, make good on that promise and vent online in hopes of detracting others from seeking employment consideration, a fitness credential or affiliate membership. Hence, partly why NHE management decided to include scam posts on the 'Say What?!' page. They help illustrate an underlying theme faced by the HR division on a monthly basis. Each month, there are a handful of individuals who give their HR rep a choice. Either consider a series of 'valid reasons' as to why their zero exam score should be retracted or suffer the wrath of online vengeance. Dependent on the mood of the individual from which the ultimatum has been put forth, these retaliation threats will vary in style, tone and volume. Some more elegantly stated than others, while others not meant to conceal any feelings of dismay or discontent. But no matter the tone, the implication will be a recurring and predictable one. Punish NHE, the associated HR rep or both for noncompliance. 

We believe the presence of scam posts prove one thing. Our HR division is unwavering, and management will remain resolute. NHE was conceived with one philosophical focus, a commitment to client value. That has been our mission from inception and we are not alone. Each day, experienced, educated job candidates feel compelled to voice their frustrations in regard to their much lesser qualified colleagues. 

Some suggest proctored classrooms as a deterrent. Typically, such suggestions come from those who do not understand that cheating statistics are more pronounced in classroom settings. More importantly, we do not want to deter people from cheating. Doing so hinders our ability to identity who the cheaters are. Identifying who the cheaters are is very important for an online service. The people who cheat on an online exam are the very same people who will copy and paste an online fitness program, claim it as their own and sell it to an unwitting client. Besides, ethical people do not require a deterrent to cheating. Conducting themselves unethically is not an option for them.

Unlike most fitness certification organizations who focus primarily on creating value for the fitness instructor, NHE focuses on creating value for the individuals who pay the fitness instructor. In the fitness industry, client value is not obtainable unless all career short-cut paths are closed, enforced and a system of perpetual monitorization is implemented to discover and extinguish new short-cut paths. People who engage in short-cuts, cheating and half-efforts are not going away. More to the point, it is the only way to restore the true value of the fitness education profession. Fitness organizations able to achieve this difficult feat are truly the ones with the most competent, qualified employees. 

For the record, no NHE exam score has ever been overturned.

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Review vs. Complaint

review is an anonymous comment posted online by an unverifiable individual. A complaint is an account of events (substantiated or unsubstantiated) posted online by a verified individual. Because a review is posted anonymously and without reference, it can be re-posted several times by one individual, giving visitors the impression that a singular opinion is shared by many others.  Conversely, a complaint is typically only posted once, as most sites prohibit the act of repeated submissions by subscribed members. To skip to complaints, go here. However, we invite you to read the contents of the "Say What?!" page as much of the content may provide a broader comprehension of the nature of NHE as a virtual company, our employees and consumer base.