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Key Points:

1) NHE Wellness Career Consultants provide experienced based information to individuals and organizations seeking answers and advice in relation to professional decisions (e.g. Starting a gym, Career advice, College/Certification academic choices, Business strategies, Industry history/projections).

2) All NHE Wellness Career Consultants have a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in a specific professional field, academic specialty and/or geographical region.

3) Career consultation services can be offered in a variety of methods (e.g. phone, SMS/MMS, IM, VoIP or video conference).

4) Career consultation services may be resold at any price. Suggested retail value per query plan:

1 Query at $25
10 Queries at $200
50 Queries at $750

5) Query Plans have a one (1) year expiration date.


Services available only to NHE Affiliate members. Please consult your local affiliate account manager for membership prices.

NHE Affiliate Membership Types:

Silver Membership [MT Certifications Only]

Gold Membership [MT, CPR Certifications, Fitness Advisory Service]

Platinum Membership [MT, CPR, FN Certifications, PFMS, Fitness Advisory Service, Wellness Career Consultations]

Memberships are not sold online. Please contact your NHE Independent Affiliate Account Manager for sign up protocol. NHE Affiliate members are resellers. NHE Affiliate Memberships are for-profit business opportunities. NHE Affiliate Memberships provide members with access to NHE services for the primary purpose of profiting from the sale/marketing of applicable service(s). All NHE services are fully operated and managed by NHE.
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