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Personal Trainer Programs    (3 Levels Available)

A certified personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in developing and implementing an individualized approach to exercise, nutrition and flexibility. The basic components involved in the profession of personal training include: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Other components such as speed, power, balance and sports conditioning may also be addressed. NHE personal trainers possess the knowledge to address these components and also have minor training in exercise physiology and sports rehabilitation. Due to their extensive training, NHE personal trainers may also provide other services; such as health/fitness seminars, wellness programs and nutritional consultation.  
Fitness Nutritionist    (Advanced)  
A Fitness Nutritionist analyzes an individual's diet to help manage his/her weight. Prior to developing an individual's dietary plan, a Fitness Nutritionist will consider one's lifestyle, health conditions and exercise regimen. A Fitness Nutritionist is well familiar with the effects of diet as they relate to exercise and can provide expert advice on food strategies and/or dietary supplementation to help ensure measurable fitness results. Because of focused study, he/she is well versed in all major dietary components and understands the relevant role each plays in successfully managing body weight.
CPR Instructor

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency first aid procedure for a victim of cardiac arrest. It can be performed by trained laypersons, health care or emergency response professionals. CPR is performed on an unconscious individual who is not breathing normally and continued until the underlying cause can be identified and a pulse is restored (called Return of Spontaneous Circulation or ROSC). The majority of CPR protocols consist of chest compressions and breaths. The intention, in both cases, is the maintenance of oxygenated blood flow to the brain and the heart, thereby extending the brief window of opportunity for a successful resuscitation without permanent brain damage. This credential enables the instruction of safe and approved CPR.
Fact Check       (Fitness and Health Organizations Only)

A periodic exam designed to interpret and document the expertise level of current employees and/or new hires. This program is simple to schedule and implement. It enables fitness club owners to monitor the advice their employees are providing to club members and personal training clients. All employee weaknesses will be exposed. If a weakness is discovered, appropriate action may be taken prior to a possible client injury resulting from inaccurate or improper advice. At the very least, proper re-training can be implemented so that clients are receiving the best possible fitness and health advice. Revolving subjects include: Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Program Development, Food Consultation and Injury Recognition and Rehabilitation.
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NHE fitness credentials are not for individual sale. For additional program information relating to your fitness/wellness center(s) or an affiliate membership, please submit the information request form on the associated credential page.