2016-2017 NHE Study Guide Lease Program Application

(This application form is for those who currently own an NHE Study Guide and wish to enter the program.)

If you own a current NHE Study Guide, you can now lease it online with a PayPal account. NHE study guide owners can earn up to $891, per guide, through the NHE Study Guide Lease Program. The NHE Study Guide Lease Program is a free program and is exclusive to those who own an NHE Study Guide.

The NHE Study Guide Lease Program is a national network that connects NHE study guide owners with newly registered NHE students, who wish to purchase a used NHE study guide. This program exists because NHE does not sell used study guides, although we receive twice as many requests for used study guides, as we do new ones. Since NHE study guide owners can not resell their study guides on their own, as this would violate the rules of the NHE SG IP Tracking System, we have developed a software program that now enables study guide owners to transfer their unused IP Availability to another student. Essentially, a newly registered student can lease a study guide, that is currently online, by making a one time payment to the study guide owner. The NHE Study Guide Lease Program addresses a large market that, before its existence, was not adequately serviced.

The NHE Study Guide Lease Program enables new students to lease (legally 'borrow'), a study guide that has already been sold and is currently online. It enables current, online NHE study guide, owners to lease their study guide(s), utilizing a PayPal account. Because we can ensure the quality of used online formatted study guides, and not used textbook formatted study guides, those who own a textbook formatted study guide may not participate in this program at this time.

How it Works
Your study guide's remaining IP Availability (see FAQ) is leased to newly registered students, through the NHE Study Guide Lease Program Network. Once our network matches a study guide (each study guide must be matched with a student taking the exact same exam), it automatically transfers the $99 payment from the student's (lessee's) PayPal account to the owner's (lessor's) PayPal account. Upon completion of the transaction, both are notified by email and the student receives a new link and password. The study guide owner is not required to transfer his/her study guide link or provide his/her personal password. The registered student automatically receives a new password, differentiating his/her usage.

Study guide matches can be made within hours of being accepted into the program. Once the study guide owner receives payment, each lessee (registered student) is granted unlimited usage of lessor's (owner's) study guide, for a period of (3) three months. Each lessee pays a $99, one-time lease payment. Payments are automatically debited from the lessee's PayPal account into a PayPal account set up by the lessor. The effectiveness of the Study Guide Lease Program requires both parties to independently establish a free PayPal account. PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

The number of times you may lease your study guide is dependent on how much IP Availability you have remaining on your study guide. For example, if you have only used your study guide from one IP address (one computer), you have an IP Availability of (9) nine (you start with 10, you used one, you have 9 remaining). In this case, under the NHE Study Guide Lease Program, you may lease your study guide to 9 different NHE students. Each student pays a one-time lease payment of $99 and is authorized, unrestricted, usage for a period not exceeding (3) three months.

To sign up, simply complete the Study Guide Lease Program Application, located at the bottom of this page. The Study Guide Lease Program is a free program.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Study Guide IP Availability?
Each new study guide is sold with an IP Availability of (10) ten. Every student who purchases an online NHE study guide, may access that study guide from (10) ten different IP addresses. If a study guide is accessed from more than ten different IP addresses, (concurrently or on separate occasions), it is automatically deactivated for fraud protection. The lease program enables study guide owners to lease their remaining IP Availability. Study guide owners are paid $99 by each registered student (lessee). Upon making payment, each registered student (lessee) is granted unlimited usage for a period of (3) three months.

If I lease my study guide, will I still be able to use it?
Yes. One IP Availability is always reserved for the owner, who maintains sole ownership of the study guide.

Why can't I just sell my study guide on my own?
Without knowing which exam your buyer will be administered, you risk selling him/her a study guide that may not properly prepare him/her. Each study guide correlates with a specific exam, within that particular program. Only NHE can accurately ensure that a study guide correlates with a particular exam, as only we know which exam each student will be assigned. Exams are randomly assigned (per program) at the time of registration.

What is the cost?
The NHE Study Guide Lease Program is a free program. The only monetary transaction is between the registered student (lessee) and the study guide owner (lessor), however, neither is required to pay NHE any type of fee for utilizing the Study Guide Lease Program. NHE Certification does not receive payments or fees.

How do I receive my $99 lease payments?
NHE is not involved in any of the transactions. Because we receive used study guide inquires and because we know who already owns an NHE study guide, we simply provide the network the connects the two. Although the $99 payment is transacted through a simple form, provided to both parties via our website, we do not 'handle' any of the funds. The transaction is conducted via each parties PayPal account link, which we set up once each party has established a PayPal account, through PayPal.

Why doesn't NHE just sell used study guides without involving study guide owners?
If it could be done fairly, we would. However, a majority of the study guides we sell are online and that makes differentiating 'new' from 'old' impossible. All online study guides are sold, and remain, in perfect condition, regardless of age. If we sold 'used' study guides, those who purchase a new study guide would unjustifiably pay more, as there is no quality difference between the two.

As an owner, which study guide must I have for me to participate in the Study Guide Lease Program?
a) PT level 1 (purchased after December 5, 2015)
b) PT level 2 (purchased after December 5, 2015)
c) PT level 3 (purchased after December 5, 2015)
d) CPR Instructor (purchased after January 23, 2016)
e) DS Nutritionist (purchased after January 23, 2016)
f) Fitness Nutritionist (purchased after January 23, 2016)
g) Clinical Exercise (purchased after January 23, 2016)

How many study guides am I allowed to lease at one time?
For each study guide you own, you may only lease out that particular study guide's remaining IP availability. Once accepted into the NHE Study Guide Lease Program, you may add any current NHE online study guide. There are no study guide quantity limits.

How often does the NHE Study Guide Lease Program run?
The NHE Study Guide Lease Program was first established in April, 2010. It will be an ongoing, annual student program.

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To apply, please submit one form, per study guide.
Intellectual Property Rights/Copyright Protection

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Not eligible are NHE employees, NHE affiliates, NHE job candidates, NHE interns and NHE independent contractors.
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