As a result of the BBB pay-to-play scam and the consequential closing of their Los Angeles branch (the largest in the U.S.), NHE has decided to withdraw from our BBB accreditation membership indefinitely. During this time, there will be a dissociation between NHE and any/all BBB local services (LABBB originally managed OC and Riverside County. SD has now assumed responsibility. However, SD is eighty miles south of OC which is too far to offer local services to businesses located in OC.) In the event a new Los Angeles BBB or dedicated OC BBB office opens, we will reconsider a possible BBB accreditation at that time. In an effort to further distance ourselves from this scandal, and until such a time when a re-consideration of BBB services is warranted, all BBB inquires will remain un-addressed by NHE.

For additional information regarding the BBB LA office closing click below:,0,222935.story

Below are official NHE responses to various customer inquiries/complaints that would normally be submitted to the BBB.

Inquires addressed in alphabetical order.

Advertising/Sales Inquiries:
All NHE advertisements/sales are honored by the specified expiration date.  All NHE promotional codes/redemption codes are honored by the specified expiration date. All NHE promotions and special offers contain an expiration date (typically 14 days from the initial day of the offer validation date). Expiration dates are posted in bold, ten font at the bottom of all NHE approved advertisements and affiliate promotions. Any/All advertisement/sales issues will be addressed within three (3) business days via email response. As stated on all NHE ads, any/all marketing and sale issues/concerns must be submitted via email or fax to the associated NHE sales division.

Billing/Collection Inquiries:
If an NHE customer has a billing issue, he/she is required to contact the NHE Student Services division immediately. NHE takes billing issues very seriously and will work vigorously to address any/all issues relating to billing or account issues. If an NHE student has contacted the NHE Student Services Division and is left unsatisfied with the result, he/she is encouraged to contact Jennifer Cota at extension 375 for additional assistance.

Delivery Inquiries:
NHE has ceased producing paper products and no longer utilizes parcel delivery. The intended purpose of the online study guide is private online viewing. The study guide may not be copied because it is copyright protected. Printing, for any reason, re-producing or distributing any portion of an NHE study guide is in direct violation of the U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code). In terms of a printed version, we ceased producing printed materials years ago. All printed products are either available directly online or via a cloud service hosted by NHE. All NHE study guides are online as they directly connect to our web servers in real time. Material additions, updates and corrections are performed and experienced in real time, similar to the technology which supports most social media services. The shipping and printing costs, service limitations and outdated concepts that support printed materials are the primary reasons NHE made a full conversion to products that can be offered, delivered and supported online. However, as with our old printed guides, copying is prohibited.

Employment Candidate Inquiries:
NHE does not solicit services or products to job candidates. Any purchased product/service is done so on the job candidate’s own accord. Expertise evaluation exams are required for employment consideration, in accordance with NHE recruitment protocol. All open NHE job positions require a minimum of three years' fitness/health related professional experience or four-year college/university related degree. Any/All expertise evaluation exams are administered online at no cost. Exam retakes are also administered online at no cost. There are absolutely no purchase or travel requirements during any phase of the recruitment process. NHE offers several online options for any/all evaluation and interview requirements and each is administered at no cost to the job candidate. Each job candidate under employment consideration acknowledges the aforementioned facts, by hand signature, via an Exam Fee Exempt Agreement document. NHE does not offer ‘no experience necessary’ employment opportunities. Each job candidate under consideration is required to possess the qualifications and professional expertise specified within the associated job description. Therefore, qualified job candidates possess the appropriate knowledge base to successfully satisfy any/all correlating expertise evaluation exams without the need to prepare or acquire outside materials. NHE does recognize the desire for many fitness/health professionals to acquire an NHE study guide for various reasons, in addition to the opportunity to review exam topics prior to the administration of the exam. However, any such desire is considered to be just that, one of desire, not necessity.

In addition, job candidates are instructed, at the beginning of recruitment, to consider the required evaluation exam so that each may determine viability. After the job candidate has been provided ample time to consider both the job’s responsibilities and the associated recruitment components, he/she is instructed to contact a hiring manager to assist in the commencement and completion of the recruitment process. In all cases involving job candidate concerns, expressed by either the job candidate or the hiring manager, a notation is recorded within the job candidate’s HR file. In most such cases, concerns relate to the job candidate’s ability to pass the required evaluation exam. It is strict NHE policy to avoid any/all exam preparation consultations/advice and when appropriate, dissuade recruitment continuance in all cases when a job candidate admits to, or expresses concern in relation to, being under-qualified for a particular NHE job title.

Guarantee/Warranty Inquiries:
NHE has a no guarantee policy. NHE does not market products or services that are under any form of guarantee or warranty.

Product/Service Inquiries:
It is NHE policy to replace/repair any defective NHE product within three business days. All replacement parts/services and repairs are free of charge. There are no exceptions. NHE students/affiliate members are encouraged to contact their local PCA/FCA regional manager or supervisor for additional assistance. All products submitted for repair, service or replacement must be received by NHE prior to the final day of the associated program's deadline.

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