NHE Fitness Job Scams

NHE is not associated to, or affiliated with, the following 'companies'.

Fitness Concepts
Dynamic Wellness/Fitness
NFBA Certifications
Body Elite
NHAB Fitness Group

Please report any suspicious online job advertisements to us immediately. Additionally, please click the 'Flag' or 'Suspicious' button located next to the ad. If no such button exists, please contact the web site's fraud prevention team to have it removed.

NHE does not 'license' its certification programs to any entity or company. Additionally, NHE does not provide 'application forms' for job candidates to submit via courier service, or require training program purchases that offer a 'first paycheck refund promise' as has been reported to us. 

All job candidates are contacted via his/her resume/CV contact information or via an online employment recommendation form. Resumes are acquired two ways; via the NHE online resume form or via a major online job search site. The only other systematic method of receiving job candidate contact information is via an NHE Online Employment Recommendation Form. Employment recommendations are typically submitted by a colleague, client/patient or friend of the recommended party. In all cases, the recommended party will receive an automated NHE Employment Recommendation email notification, specifying the position title accompanied by a brief job description.

It is standard procedure for an NHE hiring manager to contact you via email or text, after your resume has been received. However, an NHE hiring manager will never contact you by telephone to discuss any type of MLM (multi level marketing) or investment opportunity. In addition, no one employed with NHE will call you by telephone to collect fees, ask for payment or attempt to verify your personal/financial information, including your DOB or SS#. Anyone attempting to do so is not employed by NHE and is perpetrating a fraud. 

NHE does not solicit jobs or products via fax or courier service and all email correspondence will originate from one of seven NHE email servers; 

(1) @fitness.occoxmail - (Orange County, CA division)
(2) @nhefitness - (Affiliate members and FCA Managers/Employees)
(3) @nationalhealthed - (Registrar members and Sales team members)
(4) @nhe-global - (Global division)
(5) @nhecredentials - (NHE authorized notifications)

Subdomains of the aforementioned may include: notices. or notifications.

A text notification will originate from a (949) area code or contain the short code (797979 or 33222). If you receive a notification which claims to be sent from NHE but it does not originate from any of the aforementioned, it may not be an official NHE correspondence. For validation purposes, you may forward any email to: inquiry@nhe-global.com or text to (949) 282-7721.

Fees Are Not Required For Employment Consideration

All employment expertise exams are free of charge. Study guides are not mandatory, however, study guides may be purchased by anyone including employment candidates. No NHE employee will discuss, sell, consult or promote the purchase of any NHE products including NHE study guides. Any person attempting to do so is not an NHE employee. The only study guide purchasing method available to NHE job candidates is via an NHE Exam Fee Exempt Registration webpage. All study guide purchases are done so at the purchaser's own discretion. Study guides are optional. Study guides are not a requirement for employment consideration and there are absolutely no exam fees. 

How to know if your correspondence with NHE is legitimate:

By Email: It is customary to receive a reply email from us, after your resume has been forwarded to us by a major job search site or after we have received an online employment recommendation via the NHE Career Board. All NHE email notifications will originate from one of seven NHE domain names:

(1) @fitness.occoxmail - (Orange County, CA division)
(2) @nhefitness - (Affiliate members and FCA Managers/Employees)
(3) @nationalhealthed - (Registrar members and Sales team members)
(4) @nhe-global - (Global division)
(5) @nhecredentials - (NHE authorized notifications)

You will never receive an email from us hosted by a free domain service (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.)

By Phone: NHE employees do not telephone job candidates to conduct surveys, attempt to verify personal information (e.g. SS#, physical address (past or present), mothers maiden name, etc.) Any/All phone interviews are conducted by a verifiable NHE hiring manager. All NHE employees have a three digit, dedicated extension, associated with our main phone number 800-519-0392. All NHE hiring managers with direct office phone numbers will be based in Orange County, California and will have the (949) area code. All text notifications will originate from a 949 or 619 area code or shortcode 33222, 797979.

NHE employees do not solicit nor are they associated with any type of MLM program, nutritional or otherwise.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. We look forward to evaluating your resume or CV!

Still have doubts? Just  send us anything you find suspicious and we will confirm it for you.

Verified Current: March 2020