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Accessing your NHE HR File is a two-step process. Please read instructions BEFORE activating link below.

Step 1:Your HR File is: ('yourname' in the address needs to be replaced with your first and last name, all lower case (no middle name, suffix, hyphenated surname or spaces).

Step 2: Input your password. Your password is the first 3 digits of your phone number (not your area code).

Step 1 Problem Solutions:
A. The symbol / must come after (Be sure to use our '.net' site, not our '.com' site.)
B. Your first and last name in all lower case (no middle name, suffix, hyphenated surname or spaces).

Step 2 Problem Solutions:
AConsider the first 3 digits of your 7 digit phone number, not the full 10 digit number.
B. Remember, we used the number contained on your resume/CV. To update number, go here.

If you are unable to access your HR file, go here to resubmit your name and phone number.