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NHE Recruitment Process

NHE Affiliate Members

1) WFH

2) Satellite/Regional

3) WFH

4) WFH/Satellite/Regional


6) Satellite/Regional

7) View regional territories

8) Satellite/Regional

9) Orange County, CA

10) Orange County, CA

11) Satellite/WFH

12) View regional territories

13) View regional territories

14) WFH

1) Fitness/Health/Nutrition

2) Sales

3) Fitness/Health/Nutrition

4) Fitness

5) Fitness/Health/Nutrition

6) Sales

7) Fitness

8) Fitness/Health/Education

9) n/a

10) Education/Fitness

11) Fitness/Career Development

12) Managerial/Fitness/Health

13) Fitness/Health

14) Fitness/Health/Education

Sales Component

1) No

2) Yes

3) No

4) No

5) No

6) Yes

7) No

8) No

9) No

10) Yes

11) No

12) Yes

13) No

14) No
NHE Career Board

* Job title may require a substantial professional or academic background in fitness, nutrition or health. Job title may not be immediately available due to: (Job training/testing, Affiliate allocation/acquisition, Seasonal availability, Internet device logistics/setup, Background verification/screening.)

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2017 Fitness and Wellness Services

NHE offers fitness and wellness services on a global scale.

The NHE Recruitment Process focuses on expertise only, ensuring a high quality service provider database for our affiliate members.

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