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Message from the CEO
[A message from the CEO]

Everyone who works at NHE believes in one thing... truth in health. Truth in health begins with people who possess integrity, honesty and a deep passion for healthy living. In an industry filled with fitness hobbyists and short-timers, the truth has become lost in the business of selling fitness certifications. Consequently, the industry is saturated with under-qualified fitness instructors. Here at NHE, we believe a change is needed to resurrect the true promise of fitness. A promise only a qualified, experienced fitness professional can help deliver. We strongly disagree with the notion that anyone can be an exceptional fitness instructor providing they read a couple of books, pass a high school level fitness exam and of course...enjoys 'working out'.

NHE offers fitness services to over eight different countries and we are continuously growing our base each month. NHE was the first fitness organization to heavily invest in the development of a global online infrastructure. We do not have a headquarters, regional offices or any commercial lease agreements. As corporate America steadily transforms from brick and mortar functionality, employees and consumers alike will increasingly adhere to the inevitable conventionality of virtual adaption. Its benefits extend beyond convenience and efficiency. The effects virtual businesses have on global warming is equally important to the mainstream. At NHE, all employees and independent contractors work remotely, advantageously enjoying the flexibility teleworking provides.

I wish to offer my sincere appreciation to all NHE employees and Independent Contractors. Especially those of you who work as service providers. Educated, experienced fitness professionals help countless people all over the world live healthier, more fulfilling lives. They provide sound advice and consultation that can literally help save a person’s life. Working the front lines fighting obesity, heart disease, fatigue, depression and many other physical conditions and mental ailments. As a fitness professional of over 30 years myself, I know how difficult and frustrating a fitness consulting job can sometimes be. But, like many of you, I also know how rewarding it can be. So, thank you to all the industry ‘newcomers’, especially to all the young professionals entering the fitness industry. These young men and women are the future of the fitness industry and will carry the torch forward for us all, whether that be here at NHE or elsewhere around the globe.

Believe in something and stand up for it, no matter how difficult it may get. Never give up, never settle.

Always in health,
Jay A. White, CEO